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Sunday, August 3

The rainy season is over, and the Tokyo summer has finally got its oppressive act together, a full two months after it was expected to arrive. When I first came to Tokyo, I was daunted by the prospect of a rainy season, and wanted it out of the way and the summer to begin. This was before I understood the concept of humidity. Now it is with sadness I say goodbye to tsuyu. It is my friend and I want it to stay longer. But no matter how long it stays, I am still disappointed when it goes.


Went to the National Stadium last night to catch my first J-league game of the season. Wasn't certain who was playing before I went, and wasn't too worried in any case. Turned out to be JEF United Ichihara against Urawa Reds. The stadium was near capacity, as it turns out it was the final game of the stage and JEF was still in with a shout. The football was poor, though, and the choreographed atmosphere couldn't hold us, so we left after 10 minutes. I feel a bit guilty today.

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Gaien Higashi Dori means Outer Gardens (of the Meiji Shrine) Ave. East. It is one of the beautiful big leafy avenues that winds through the center of Tokyo.

Raglan Road is a poem and song about love and loss by one of the finest Irish poets of the twentieth century, Patrick Kavanagh.