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Friday, October 10

Stating the Obvious/Flogging a Dead Horse

On Thursday, exactly six months since the declared end to the Iraq Invasion, at least 10 Iraqis, a U.S. soldier and a Spanish diplomat were killed in the country.

Time, reluctantly, to state the obvious about this "liberation" again:

Iraq was not a threat. Iraq had no WMDs. Nobody seriously believed Iraq was connected to September 11. North Korea is a threat. North Korea says openly it has nuclear weapons. September 11: Of the 19 involved, 15 actually came from Saudi Arabia. But the Bush family made its money from Saudi Arabia. And what about Israel, illegally occupying Palestinian territory, striking pre-emptively this week against Syria? Israel commits terrorism every day. Israel is Mini-Me, creating the rhetoric of terrorism, with everything to gain from a clash of civilisations. But colonized people fight back; human resilience knows no bounds. The War on Terror is unwinnable, an offensive misnomer; the word "terrorism" is a smokescreen, used to place acts in a historical vacuum. For terrorism to be "demanding the impossible at gunpoint," you have to first accept the historical castration that accompanies putting an act into this pidgeonhole. The War on Terror has left Afghanistan and Iraq in chaos. Moderate Muslims now hate the West. Syria prepares, resentfully. Iran does the same. Iraq digs in. The Taliban regroup. Osama bides his time, basking in his new-found popularity. Direct result of Iraq for US Homeland Security: Massive deterioration.

Proud Americans are embarrassed. This madness was not in their name. Post September 11, 2001, but 2003 in particular, has been insane; 2003, the worst year I can remember. Iraq: At best, democracy at gunpoint. At worst, racial extermination. Most likely, greed.

September 11 itself, tragic and terrible though it definitely was, did not change the world. It was what happened after that did. Greater force revenge terrorism is still terrorism. If we must use that word. And the rest of us, through our governments, are bending in the wind.

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Gaien Higashi Dori means Outer Gardens (of the Meiji Shrine) Ave. East. It is one of the beautiful big leafy avenues that winds through the center of Tokyo.

Raglan Road is a poem and song about love and loss by one of the finest Irish poets of the twentieth century, Patrick Kavanagh.