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Friday, November 14

Good Times

I haven't looked forward to a weekend so much in a long time.

The reasons are simple enough: (1) Australia vs New Zealand and France vs England in the Rugby World Cup semi-finals; (2) the challenge of moving my weblog to my newly bought web-domain and hosting, by installing Movable Type to the server; and (3) a round of golf in the early hours of Sunday morning.

We don't change much in life. When I was 10 or 11, my weekend in Dublin would have been: (1) a football match on Saturday morning; (2) watching the English football on Saturday afternoon; (3) pitch-and-putt on Sunday afternoon; and (4) hours and hours spent messing around on my Commodore 64.

Sport and closet-geekdom: the only real difference now is alcohol, a wife, and a dodgy knee. Oh, and thousands of miles.

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Gaien Higashi Dori means Outer Gardens (of the Meiji Shrine) Ave. East. It is one of the beautiful big leafy avenues that winds through the center of Tokyo.

Raglan Road is a poem and song about love and loss by one of the finest Irish poets of the twentieth century, Patrick Kavanagh.